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How to make changes to your manage your money
As many of us are facing some uncertainty we've put together some suggestions and advice to help manage your finances and support you during these uncertain times.   
It's important that we come together as a community to help each other get through these times. We've also added a video with our suggested 10 steps to success in this challenging period. 

If you haven't looked at your energy tariff recently then perhaps this is an ideal time to check to make sure you are on the best tariff.


Switching your gas and electricity suppliers it’s really easy and can save you £££’s. In reality the average person could save around £350* a year. 

We've teamed up with MoneyExpert to provide a comparison service. Simply click the link, enter your postcode, select your tariff, and start saving.

Switch & save on your energy

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GoGroupie offer huge Savings On Shopping. They have access to thousands of diverse offers, they make it easy to search and discover great offers from small businesses at unbeatable prices.


They provide a trusted and convenient source for finding value on everyday items and activities as well as exciting and novel experiences for you to share with your friends and family. 

GoGroupie is a fun and easy way to get huge discounts on the things you love. Simply click the image to visit the site. 


Thinking and writing a budget may seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn't take that long to do and can help you manage your money more efficiently.


Make yourself a cup of tea, open your banking app, and download our handy budget planner. 

Top Tip - try to make your standing orders or direct debits payable as close to pay day as possible – this will help you budget your spending more easily for the rest of the month.

Get started with a budget

If you're on a mobile, you'll need to open on a computer to complete. 

Are you struggling to pay your bills?

If you have made all the savings you can and deferred as many payments as possible but are still going to struggle to meet your financial obligations then it may be time to speak to someone about getting help.
Three organisations to contact for advice; 
Citizens Advice
Full debt and consumer advice service. They can deal with any type of debt, including repossessions and negotiation with creditors.
Stepchange Debt Charity
A full debt help service is available across the UK. 
National DebtLine
National Debtline provides free advice and resources to help people deal with their debts. 

FIVE things that are FREE

Let's be honest at the moment we have lots of time but not much money (even after switching our energy) and even if we did there isnt any shops open to spend it in. Here are 5 things to keep you and the kids happy, healthy, and for the adventurous you could even sign up to learn something new...

Kids restless? This is a great way to get them burning off some energy, and a fun way to start the day if you are home schooling.


Every weekday at 9am for 30mins, If you can't catch them live, don't worry you can watch them back whenever you want.

3. Workouts for Adults

Actor Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) is offering 6 weeks free of his health and fitness programme. It includes workouts, meal plans and mindfulness exercises

You can also get a free 30-day membership, which includes a number of different classes. You don't need to enter any payment details to get the free trial.

5. Keep calm, relax, and meditate

These meditation apps have released free content specifically to help those struggling with anxiety and stress at this time.

  • Calm is offering free content via their website

  • Headspace has a collection which includes meditations, sleep and movement exercises. 

2. Audible - listen to 100's of kids books

For as long as schools are closed, Audible is open. You can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

4. Lessons with the stars 

Celebrities are putting what talents they have to good use by hosting a whole range of free lessons for families who are self-isolating because of the coronavirus.

Myleene will look at rhythms, how to read music, make instruments and just have fun. Lessons will run at 10am on Monday, 6.30pm on Wednesday and 10am on Friday.

Carol Vorderman is making her online maths school 'The Maths Factor' free for children aged 4-11 until school reopen. The platform on is usually £2 a week but she has lifted fees.

Story time with David

David Walliams is releasing a free audiobook a day. You can access the free audiobooks via the link on his Instagram page.

Many of the world’s most iconic locations now offer virtual tours, meaning you can visit museums, world heritage sites and other attractions from the comfort of your couch. 

Redundancy & Getting Back to Work

There is a lot of information out there to wade through. Here's our 10 point plan on how to; 
  • Deal with current climate
  • Get out there (virtually) and work the market
  • Get your mind in the right place
Let us help you to move forward, so make yourself a cup of tea and watch our video. 

*The £350 saving was calculated as an average of individual household savings achieved by a minimum of 10% of all MoneyExpert customers who switched their dual fuel supply in 2019.